06/11/2012 - Ainda comemorando os 5 anos!

Recentemente o casal instituidor da Fundação, Maite e Martin, visitaram velhos amigos nos USA. Uma destas pessoas era a vizinha do casal, Sue Doody, a quem entregaram uma lembrança pelos 5 anos da Fundação e a quem pediram que escrevesse sobre suas lembranças da origem do nome da Fundação, já que fora na casa dela, que se optara pelo nome.

Ela assim escreveu, dia 05 de setembro de 2012: Martin has asked me to share my memories of the evening the Foundation got its name. I do remember that evening very well - it was a special conversation! The Mundstocks were visiting Iowa - and we were having a great visit. After dinner that evening, the talk turned to Martin’s hope and dream to develop what is now Fundacao Capacitar. He was trying to find a descriptive and fitting name for his dream -- to capture in a single word the whole idea! As we talked -- I began to understand the elements of what has become the mission of the Foundation -- to make it possible for young people to increase their knowledge and capabilities for the workplace and society -- to develop lasting relationships among mentors and students -- and to build something that would continue because of the commitment and unity of those who had benefitted before. Now, Martin’s English is very good, much better than my Portuguese! But as he tried to explain just what he envisioned, he struggled to find the words I would understand that captured his dream. And I struggled to find the English words that might translate well into Portuguese. The English word “enable”, for example, just was not right. Finally, I tried an opposite - if someone is injured and unable to do something, we say they are “incapacitated”. What the foundation was to do was the opposite -- to make able -- to “capacitate”. AHA! Said Martin -- and Fundacao Capacitar became the name. It is hard to believe that our conversation took place over 5 years ago. But it is easy to believe that the Foundation has thrived in those 5 years. Congratulations to all of those who have benefitted, learned, grown from the opportunities of the last 5 years -- I am certain you will continue to support those who follow so that they, too, may grow. And “THANK YOU” to those who have served as mentors by stimulating, nurturing, and enhancing the learning experience of those who are eager to learn. I am honored to have had some a very small part in the beginnings of Fundacao Capacitar. Bless you all.

Abaixo a foto de Sue :